Golden Vessel has a new single for us this week called ‘Cherries’ which is a co-release with one of his good friends, regular collaborator and all-round talented human, The Nicholas, and together they’ve delivered a very nostalgic and daydreamy treat that was written in just two days earlier this year when Maxwell was visiting Rutger in Amsterdam, and it’s only a small taste of what came out of that little trip!  

“Rut and I have been making music for almost 5 years and he’s quickly became one of my favourite people to write & record with. He lives in LA / Amsterdam and I live in Brisbane and we’re always trying to find time where we can meet up in person. When I was finally able to travel again we found 2 days in Amsterdam where we could make some music and we made 8 ideas. Cherries was the 2nd thing we made and it felt so great from the start, every sound and melody worked so well together.” ~ Golden Vessel

The Nicholas adds; “Cherries” is a song that I wrote with Golden Vessel. Max is one of my favorite people and for the last few years we’ve been trading ideas remotely. When we found out both of us would be in Europe at the same time it was the easiest decision to spend a few days making music together. “Cherries” is a song about growing up and doing things differently than how you might have done them a few years back, like sitting on the sofa eating cherries while watching Oprah.”

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out now via: Broken Levee
golden vessel: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
the nicholas: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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