With their album ‘Watercolor’ dropping earlier this year, Los Angeles-based indie electronic duo Forester endeavour to keep the party going with the release of their emphatic new single ‘All I Need’, a powerful offering with a blistering synth presence that serves as a thank you piece to sticking through the good times and bad.

‘All I Need’ sets the upbeat tempo in tact from the word go with the thumping drums making their presence felt immediately through a nostalgic approach to their production, all while the glowing feeling created in the synths sets the sunset visual landscape intact for all. With those breezy melodies standing tall in the centre of the mix, ‘All I Need’ takes full flight when the chorus drops and the synths take full flight along the addictive vocal samples that swirl around in your head.

“’All I Need’ is an ode to those that stay close through thick and thin. Life on the road has been filled with highs and lows for us, making the role of the people we love and trust in our lives even more important. Everyone has those people, and in making this song we wanted to show them a little appreciation. We also noticed while performing live on the road that we formed an incredible connection with people when playing some of our more upbeat songs. We wanted to take this energy from the live setting and recapture it in the studio. It’s already become a favourite for those who have heard it live and we’re excited to share this with all of our fans.” – Forester

out now via: Palm Tree Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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