In my opinion BIGSOUND 2022 was a huge success. They always manage to create the perfect vibe throughout Fortitude Valley which you just can’t get anywhere else in Australia, and I feel this year was amplified even more after being forced into a three-year hiatus.

I didn’t have any showcasing artist commitments this year so it was more of a general catch-up week for me. It was so great to catch-up with (in real-life) a bunch of artists & industry people that I work with on a regular basis but have either never met or not seen for three-years, and I had so much fun bouncing around the Valley from gig to gig with some of my good music industry friends – you know who you are 🙂 

Stupidly I didn’t look at the schedule properly before booking my flights and unfortunately I missed out on the first night (Tuesday) of showcases which was a big shame (such a rookie error I know…), but I did manage to catch quite a few on Wednesday & Thursday nights, and had a lot of fun as well.

There were so many artists on this year’s lineup that I was hoping to catch such as Adrian Dzvuke, Alter Boy, Beckah Amani, BLOODMOON, Budjerah, Club Angel, dameeeela, Eilish Gilligan, Gold Fang, Jerome Farah, Tentendo and WIIGZ, but fate did not allow it this time round. There were also a lot of artists on the bill that I’d never heard of and I look forward to digging into some of those ones more over the coming months, but some of my favourite showcasing artists that I did manage to catch this year are…

This guy has the most infectious smile in the Australian music industry, but on top of that his whole sound, style and vibe just gets me every time. It’s always nice to see an artist’s live band actually enjoying themselves on stage and Yb’s crew always seem to be having a really great time. I fully recommend catching one of his live shows. 

Nick Ward
I’ve been a big fan of Nick’s work for a while now, and even though we live in the same city I’ve still not managed to catch a live show until now, but it was totally worth the wait. It was such a powerful and emotional performance, and Nick’s stage presence is quite captivating as well.  

Mali Jo$e
I followed some friends into this gig and didn’t know what to expect at all, but I was truly blown away. Mali Jo$e’s stage performance was super engaging and his vocal work & lyricism is truly impeccable. Highly recommend checking out his live show if you ever get the chance. Big vibes! 

This is another Sydney-based artist who I’ve not seen live before, so I was quite happy that I managed to catch his show. This was a very fun experience overall. His funky/party-vibe music translates to the live stage really well and his little piggies were an unexpected & fun addition to the experience as well. I look forward to catching him again soon!

I was interested to see what this live show would be like and I left that gig feeling quite satisfied with the overall experience. BOY SODA has a lot of great energy and a big stage presence as well. I can easily see him doing some festival stages very soon. 

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