Berlin-based, Aotearoa/New Zealand artist Noah Slee continues to produce sublime alternative/R&B music that is incredibly smooth with the long-awaited release of his sophomore album ‘it takes a village’, a nine-track delight that sets the sultry mood in place for all to bask in through polished instrumentation and charismatic melodies that you just can’t get enough of.

‘it takes a village’ centres itself on infectious grooves and confident instrumentation that provides a significant amount of swagger and attitude with its freshness on offer throughout the soundscape, most evident within the crisp beats or the flavoursome guitar riffs that accentuate the vibrancy throughout. As the instrumentation does its thing to lure listeners in, what truly stands out in each and every track throughout this release are those flawless melodies from both Slee and the feature artists that are stunning in their production, and once combined with the perfect harmonies it takes the tracks to incredible heights.

it takes a village’ is a very special project for me. One of those magical comings together of the most beautiful souls. It’s a small insight into the creative community here in Berlin I’m apart of. We sing about the complexities of life and we sing about the struggles we face. We sing about hope but not forget about addressing injustices. It’s layered and insightful. I know as a creative I’ll look back one day and be proud of what WE produced. Something for the times, addressing the past and optimism for the future.’ – Noah Slee

Noah Slee is currently on tour across the EU & UK – see dates below and then click here for tickets


out now via: Noah Slee
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