Wollongong artist Stevan has your perfect party starter for your weekend with a bright and summery release titled ‘Mr Pants’, his new single that sees him team up with Lucianblomkamp and Cosmo’s Midnight on production which you’ll simply adore with its uplifting and grooving nature that’ll get you dancing for days on end.

Immediately from the word go, ‘Mr Pants’ accentuates its grooving nature with those sun-kissed instruments coming to the forefront and instantly lifting our spirits with our brief interaction with them initially. Stevan‘s laid-back vocals ooze charisma in their effortless approach, and sit nicely amongst the lo-fi keys, fresh bass line, funky guitars and crunchy percussion that collectively build into the upbeat chorus filled with infectiously positive energy and catchy as hell melodies that will be stuck in your head for a long time after it concludes.

“’Mr Pants’ came about randomly, as did the name. Lucianblomkamp sent me this beat named ‘Mr Pants’ (not sure why he named it that!) and it sounded quite different to what we had done before. We had just wrapped the Ontogeny mixtape together so I wanted to try something more upbeat, and this track was perfect. I constructed a little narrative about meeting someone special and feeling awesome about it. Then Cos and Pat (Cosmo’s Midnight) heard it and wanted to add some more sunshine and bright elements, which turned out amazing all in all. This is one of my favourites!” – Stevan

out now via: Honeymoon & Astral People Recordings
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud


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