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Following on from his stunning release ‘Heartaches’ last month, Los Angeles-based artist Shallou continues to shine right before our eyes with his enlightening new single ‘High Tide’, the latest glimpse from his recently announced ‘The Long Way Home’ EP via FADER Label that sees a more falsetto-focused approach in the composition that is full of openness that provides a platform for reflection for us all.

Co-written by Jarrah McCleary (aka PANAMA), ‘High Tide’ reveals itself to us with a deepened four to the floor beat that cements its position in the mix alongside Shallou‘s dreamy falsetto vocals that move majestically through in partnership with the bright and sparkly synths that produce a copious amount of colour across the soundscape. The divine nature of ‘High Tide’ becomes more apparent to us as Shallou pulls the rising intensity right back in the pre-chorus where the haunting harmonies and bubbly vocal samples add a further layer of polish to the already crisp production, and then crescendo into the electrifying chorus full of sparsity and liveliness that brightens your soul with its uplifting nature.

“After watching the joy and excitement about the possibilities for my previous album and the tour surrounding it get swallowed by the new reality of COVID, I was nervous to put too much faith and energy into a new creative endeavour. I often struggled to create and felt further from this ‘home.’ It was a constant struggle that the EP has come to represent: it felt like I was out at sea, trying to paddle back. As for “High Tide, I started ‘High Tide’ in 2019, looking for a new high energy cut to add to my live show. I couldn’t find the right melodies for it, so I reached out to one of my favourite writers in the genre, Jarrah McCleary aka Panama. We discovered that we have a similar writing style paired with a breathy falsetto. We both related to this feeling of drowning during quarantine, and finished the song with only a Zoom meeting and a few emails!” – Shallou

out now via: Fader
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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