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Golden Vessel is coming back to us this week with his latest single ‘Jersey City’, which is in-fact a collaborative release with fellow Brisbane-based artist rei so la and it is also his debut release on bitbird.

As the guys reveal below the song was first written almost two years ago, Maxwell (aka Golden Vessel) had just spent some time in Jersey City and was catching the train over to Manhattan each day to explore. Even though Kalem (aka rei so la) had never actually been to Jersey City he really enjoyed living in this brief moment in time that Maxwell was bringing out in the song’s lyrics.

Neither of them felt the song was completely the right fit for either of their projects so it laid dormant for some time until they found the right home for it, and that’s where bitbird steps in.

“Kalem (rei so la) and I first wrote this song almost two years ago and was left sitting in this sort of weird middle ground where it wasn’t quite a Golden Vessel song or a rei so la song, so it didn’t have a home for a while, and we were very excited when bitbird asked to include it in their compilation.”

The song is about staying in Jersey City and being so close to New York that you just want to jump on the train the second you’re awake. Not that Jersey City isn’t nice at all, but there’s something really special about catching the PATH train and getting to Manhattan. And then staying out as late as possible before you have to catch the train back.” – Golden Vessel

Maxwell and I came up with the idea for Jersey City not long before the world shut down and the idea of travelling became not so favourable. I’ve not had the chance to visit Jersey City, but I enjoyed imagining a world through the lens of Maxwell as he described his past experiences of being there. The songwriting process provided an opportunity to live in an idea for a brief moment and having a friend to share that excitement with is unmatched.” – rei so la

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out now via: bitbird
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