BROODS return with their release in two years with the anthemic ‘Piece Of My Mind’, the first glimpse of their forthcoming fourth album ‘Space Island’ that provides a blistering soundscape filled with uplift that contrasts alongside the darkened messaging of escapism held in the lyricism.

‘Piece Of My Mind’ builds a wave of sound that rises from the crunchy percussion and smoothened bass foundations set alongside Georgia Nott‘s soothing melodies, right before a shift in intensity through the brightness on offer in the synths and bass that provides plenty of edge. With some of the most catchy melodies on offer, ‘Piece Of My Mind’ sticks itself in your head with an addictiveness evident across all facets of the piece that you simply can’t get enough of.

“‘Piece Of My Mind’ is the opening fanfare of Space Island. The song describes the many paradoxes we encounter when we try to escape our problems – the more we try to run away from our problems and ourselves, the more we are confronted with the aspects of each that we don’t like. ‘Piece of My Mind’ is the moment I start reasoning with myself at the crossroads – to figure out where I am, and what’s really at the heart of what I’m denying and trying to escape.’ – BROODS

Stream via: Universal Music Australia
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