Australian artist Banoffee continues to provide us with beautiful glimpses of her forthcoming album ‘Teartracks’ out on October 22nd with another gem in the form of ‘Never Get to F*ck Any1’, a shiny electronic/pop release that brings forth an emotional tale of the realisations of what we no longer have at the end of a relationship.

‘Never Get to F*ck Any1’ sets itself down a more minimalistic path with its composition, providing plenty of space within the mix to allow Banoffee to take centre stage with her emotionally-fuelled melodies that sparkle against the pristine harmonies in the chorus. Banoffee pulls the bubbly synths in and out of the soundscape, allowing the deepened bass and ambient pads to set the openness in tact for the atmospheric bliss to occur throughout.

“I wanted the record to track a couple of different emotions…It goes from like, ‘You don’t love me enough’ to like, ‘Shit, I’m never gonna have sex like this again’, which is really materialistic and quite funny.” – Banoffee

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