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After months of utterly stunning glimpses of what’s to come, French-Senegalese artist anaiis finally comes forward with her highly-anticipated debut album ‘this is no longer a dream’ that shines so bright with its mesmerising instrumentation and captivating melodies that leave you spellbound. Featuring previous releases in ‘vanishing’, ‘juno’, ‘reverie’, ‘chuu’ and most recent single ‘cry in your sleep’, anaiis further hones in on her crystal-clear R&B influence with the strengthened beats and resounding bass lines setting the scene for the angelic vocals to take centre stage and make you gobsmacked with their utter beauty. “The title of the album was an affirmation towards being able to manifest my reality…The process wasn’t in any way straightforward, as I had to dig into an emotional place that was dark and confused. I almost felt like I was scrambling to put the pieces together, untangling everything that had become convoluted in my mind.” – anaiis

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