Let’s get your week started off right with a hefty injection of tantalising energy and power with the latest EP from Vancouver producer Tails titled ‘photos of the sun’, an emphatic six-track offering filled with a variety of colour and production depth that leaves you gobsmacked. 

‘photos of the sun’ showcases a significant depth in production with layers upon layers of synths creating a wall of sound that is as impenetrable as possible, and surrounds itself with a powerful supporting cast of deepened beats and resounding bass that injects more and more power into the core of the compositions. Alongside these elements, Tails brilliantly provides a softened contrast with angelic guest vocals that move majestically through the air providing a welcomed point of difference.

“I’ve always put forward an effort to be innovative and authentic in my music and it’s important to me to stay true-to-self and not limit my artistry by genres and sonics. If I feel something, I want to express it as organically as possible.” – Tails

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