LA producer Mickey Valen has brought forth some serious fire with a burning new single ‘RIP’, a trap-inspired offering featuring the haunting vocals of Heather Jeanette that depict a tale of a relationship ending and all of the emotions that are associated in the moment of realisation.

‘RIP’ ignites the flames through the use of a booming bass line and crisp trap beats make their waves in the backdrop of the mix, all while the quirky vocals of Heather Jeanette set the obscurity in place. As the track subtly builds from the evocative soundscape before it takes flight in the chorus, whereby Valen has brought forth buzzing guitars and blistering synths that shift things up a gear in a mammoth manner.

“It’s about the end of a relationship. When you’re officially done with the person and are no longer in love with them. It’s almost as if you are a whole different person. You will never be the person that you were to them in the relationship; and that love is dead.” – Mickey Valen

Stream via: CloudKid
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