‘Why You Left’ is the gorgeous new single from an Australian duo who go by the name Love Level, and it’s also the third & final preview of their upcoming debut ep.

Love Level came to our attention back in July 2020 with quite an impressive debut self-titled single and then backed that one up in September with an equally gorgeous song called ‘Bad Bye’. Now they’re raising that bar yet again with the wonderfully dreamy sounds of new single, ‘Why You Left’. 

As Aimee & Juliana delve into the creative process of the song for us, we discover just how emotional and close to the heart this song really is…

“Writing ‘Why You Left’ was a super personal experience for us. There were so many emotions and feelings we both had, and both wanted to express that when we came together to write, the song just fell into place so fast. We brought the song to our producer, Callum MacDonald of daste., and practically finished it in one session.

For us this song is about dealing with the sudden loss of a friendship and not fully understanding where things went wrong, or why you lost them. It’s about accepting that they’re happy without you but also the bittersweet feeling that comes with holding onto the good memories you had with them.

We’d like to think this song is the closure we never got.” – Love Level

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Photo Credit: Dom Gould

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