Sweden’s Alec Baker is coming back to us this week with a sweet new song called ‘Ballet’, which is also the next taste of his upcoming debut album “Something Beautiful” – and that is set to grace our ears in February!

As mentioned above ‘Ballet’ is a sweet song, and it’s also quite beautiful and delicate, all the traits you would expect from a “love song”, but as Alec explains below it is the only love song on the album and it is a song about the fluidic movement of emotions…

”It’s the only love song on the album. To me ‘Ballet’ is about when the excitement about another person carries your mind away in all different directions at the same time. I think it has the kind of feel that only exists just in between dream and reality. In a way the main character just tries to keep on track and not slip, so that’s the reason for the title ’Ballet’. – Alec baker

Stream via: Something Beautiful
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