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Dallas/Philadelphia-based outfit Welcome Center continue to provide us with electronic-pop odysseys full of adventure and liveliness through their brand new single ‘Near Death’ that is as warm and inviting as they come.

‘Near Death’ sees Welcome Center continue with their relaxed vocals soaring above the mix, whilst a vast array of depth in their synth production is on display with various elements playing off of each other to create a real sense of urgency in the soundscape.

“We had finished an entire track earlier this year but couldn’t get the mix right. Aaron decided to remix the song with chopped up sax and a dark, IDM-feel. When I first listened to it, I envisioned this entire story about two siblings who lost their family in a war and how desperately they needed each other to survive. That type of bond is an extremely powerful thing, maybe even strong enough to pull someone back from the dead.” – Welcome Center

Stream: Welcome Center
Artist Connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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