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Columbus-based outfit Captain Kidd bring forth a familiar tale of imposter syndrome within the music industry through their brand new ambient offering ‘Somebody Else’, a track that is so dreamy you’ll instantly find yourself within the ambiance on offer.

Captain Kidd evoke a lush soundscape from the second ‘Somebody Else’ begins, with a heavy reliance on atmospheric synths and deepened electronic beats that collectively create significant amounts of room to breathe. With their catchy melodies floating aimlessly above the mix, ‘Somebody Else’ will instantly strike a chord with the masses through the highly relatable lyrics we can all relate to at some point in our lives.

“It’s very easy to develop a sort of imposter syndrome when writing and performing music; it’s an artform that seems to lend naturally to comparison and perfectionism, and as a result I think a lot of musicians fall into ruts where they daydream about being somebody else, some greater, more artistic version of themselves. We wrote ‘Somebody Else’ as a reflection on this feeling, and as a bit of an apology letter to our support systems who help shoulder a lot of these doubts and anxieties.” – Captain Kidd

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