After dropping one of most impressive singles in ‘twice as tough’ with Mansionair earlier this year, Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter upsidedownhead raises the bar yet again with the release of ‘make it real’ which features the haunting vocals of Melbourne artist Fractures

‘make it real’ is a true showcase of the artillery held between both artists, with Fractures‘ pristine falsetto combining with upsidedownhead‘s darkened production combining with ease and setting the mix alight with plenty of force as we travel through. upsidedownhead builds the piece up from the sombre keys that set the scene amongst Fractures‘ vocals and crescendos into a intensified delight with the striking synths and bass rising to the occasion and sending the track off in the emphatic style it deserves.

‘‘The song itself is without narrative but if anything is told from the point of view of someone struggling to tell the difference between their waking life and what they’re seeing in their mind. Almost preferring to live in that internal space. Call it turmoil if you like”. – Fractures

Stream: Liberation Records
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