Whethan‘s “Fantasy” couldn’t have come at a better time – as 2020 comes to an end, I’m pretty ready to transport to an alternate universe where concerts and parties and clubs are allowed.  While I can’t have that IRL, I can have it via Whethan’s latest album, an imaginative splash of color that’s like getting on a spaceship and blasting off into the land of feel-good vibes.  High-energy and hella fun, “Fantasy” is, simply put, a bop and a half.

Whethan isn’t bound by genre, and this album is truly his oyster – “Fantasy” is packed with top-tier collabs (The Wombats? Grouplove? RL Grime? Yes please) and each track embodies its own kind of hype.  Want a beat that’ll make the whole room shake from the floor to the ceiling?  “Drumdown Mambo” ft. Jasiah is the spicy, trap-inspired track for you.  How about a skip down the street, strut in the sun kind of song? Try “Sunshine” ft. The Knocks and soak up that sing-songy children’s choir as your hook.  If you need something quick to blow out the subwoofer in your car, I highly recommend “Wave” (I personally tested this one out, and it was the most badass I’ve felt in awhile).  It’s so easy to weave in and out of “Fantasy” and drop into these ideal, video-in-your-head scenarios, which are so much more special and appreciated when the places you’d want to experience these tracks aren’t currently available.  

Whethan, who oozes talent, makes tracks for the people having the most fun out of everyone in the room – and if you aren’t there yet, you will be.  “Fantasy” couldn’t be a better title for such a vivacious record – strap in, and let your imagination do the rest. 

Stream: Atlantic Records
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