After providing us with some of the most energised releases we’ve heard this year, French artist Khamsin continues to deliver those stunning cinematic soundscapes through his brand new album ‘Led By The Sun’, a ten-track offering that highlights an artistically-driven vision full of rises and falls that leave you on the edge of your seat.

Featuring previous singles ‘Over’, ‘About Us’ and the title track of the release in ‘Led By The Sun’, Khamsin builds on the foundations set throughout the year and continues to drive in his central focus of tantalising synths, piercing drums and vigorous bass lines that when combined together deliver a thick wall of sound that nothing can break apart.

”I am happy and proud of this work because I feel like it’s a great representation of both my roots as well as my evolution as an artist, all coming together as a beautiful final project. I picture it as the beginning of a new chapter as Khamsin, it establishes the foundations of my new sound, and gives listeners context into my creative process. Whatever your own personal dream may be, Led By The Sun will guide and remind you that every step of your journey, even heartbreak, is worth living through”. – Khamsin

Stream: bitbird
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