Fresh off the release of his debut mixtape only a few months ago, Stevan continues to make significant strides forward in 2020 with not only the announcement of a forthcoming second mixtape ‘Ontogeny’ in November but a brand new single titled ‘SIA’ that depicts an emotional tale about relationships in disarray.

With a quirky drum-machine pattern setting the tone for the piece, ‘SIA’ takes a step back in its tempo to provide a relaxing R&B feel that is further accentuated with the glowing keys and deepened bass lines on offer. Stevan shows off his vocal prowess with crystal clear harmonies floating their way through the choruses, and with his flowing melodies perfectly depicting the emotive message in the lyricism, a chord can well and truly be struck with the listener.

“‘SIA’ is about trying to find independence after relying heavily on someone. The idea of not seeing them becoming empowering, as you realise you don’t need them.” – Stevan

Stream: Astral People
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