Anyone who truly loves house music in all of its forms will be so excited to hear that Husky has just dropped his new album ‘Go Don’t Stop’. The producer has put together a series of vocally-charged anthems that fully celebrate the complexity and energy of house music and reminds us why it’s such an exciting genre of music. 

Over the course of 11 songs, Husky and his extremely talented collaborators take you on a journey through the history of house music. The most prominent angles Husky has taken with this album have a bit of funk, disco and heavy club beats attached to them. Every track has its own unique flavour, but they all have quite a few similarities that give them a groove that seems to fall into one of these three categories. 

The funkier tunes on ‘Go Don’t Stop’ are the album’s title track, ‘People Get Ready’ and ‘Good Life’. ‘Go Don’t Stop’ has an amazing slap bass taking charge of the melody with twangy percussion working with a lot of twisted accents to create a very twisted vibe and highlight the rounded production. The melody of ‘People Get Ready’ focuses more on the electronic end of the spectrum, with computerised tones bouncing over a steady beat that grunts its way through a lot of snappy snares. The piano on this track is so groovy and adds a suave element to the song which is really refreshing. Finally, ‘Good Life’ may be one of the best tracks on the album purely because of the horn section that bellows proudly over the melody. Thinking tones dance around the horns, with a fun beat and Tasha La Rae’s soulful vocals really just tie the track together perfectly. 

The vocals on all of the more disco-influenced tracks are also phenomenal. Alyson Joyce adds a sweetness to ‘Do You Like It’ as bongos, strong piano and swirling atmospherics glide alongside a subtle baseline. The whole track is very vibrant and feels warm like sunshine. Elliot Chapman injects his own smooth vocals to ‘Better Somehow’ and helps make the whole song slide so effortlessly. The sharp bassline works so well with the swooping samples and compliments the humming synths that hover just above the soft atmospherics. 

The warped tones on ‘Heaven’ really make Red London’s vocals shine above the intricate production. Sharp snares and luscious strings make the song feel not just infectious, but also ethereal – it’s a disco track that also makes you feel uplifted, which is pretty cool, right?! The last disco-infused track on ‘Go Don’t Stop’ is ‘Only one Way’ that has Brazen’s vocals trickling over mellow tones, a light high-hat and a calming tempo. This is the last song on the album and is probably a way to help you rest after dancing to every other track on the record, but we’re not resting yet…

The club-influenced tracks on ‘Go Don’t Stop’ remind you why we love Husky so much. The guy knows how to string together a perfect tune that will keep you dancing for hours. ‘We Rave Tonight’ is a perfect example of Husky’s love for house music, especially the house music of the late ‘90s. A bouncing beat caresses popping tones, bass drums, off-beat high-hats and so many snare hits. It’s classic house at it’s finest, what else is there to say about it?! ‘FREE’ is a bit of an edgier piece, with rougher pads bouncing above twinkling percussion and twitchy samples. This is a darker house track that’s just really exciting to listen to. Then we have ‘Groove In Your Heart’ that has a melody that pounds throughout your body. The bass in this track is that powerful! The snares and high-hats are scattered over sharp production and seems to absorb the vocals rather than putting them on a pedestal. Everything works together so well – it’s a very harmonious track. 

There are so many ways to explain how exciting it is to hear a true house record, but really, the music speaks for itself. ‘Go Don’t Stop’ is an upbeat record that shows off Husky’s incredible gift for production and his love of collaboration. It’s a wonderful gift to be given in such an uncertain year and now, at least we can pretend we’re back in the clubs by grooving to these tremendous tracks. 

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