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SLUMBERJACK continue to raise the bar for electronic music production not only in Australia but globally through their shattering new single ‘Poison’, which features long-time collaborator Sydnee Carter enlisted on vocals, which packs in plenty of surging energy and force.

Alongside the stunning deliver of Carter’s vocals, SLUMBERJACK build the gripping narrative through the insertion of the dark energy of brooding synths and deepened beats in the backdrop which sets the colour palate in tact. Once we arrive at the chorus, we see a major shift in intensity through the striking synths piercing their way into the mix as well as Carter’s commanding vocals that collectively smash through your speakers. 

It’s been a long time since we’ve felt this in tune with a track – it represents everything we’ve been working towards as musicians over the years. Sonically it’s the first time we really felt like we nailed what we call jokingly in the studio the “hi-def” sound. It’s supposed to feel like a pleasant wind. Musically it’s a step into a new era, bringing with us all the amazing stuff we’ve learnt along the way. And of course the incredible vocals of Sydnee Carter who we knew we had to work with again.” – SLUMBERJACK

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