In the lead up to her upcoming debut EP ‘Season One’ dropping next month, NYNE delivers a spine-tingling R&B offering that will leave you with goosebumps titled ‘Balmain Bandit’ which features vocals from Omari Bentley and production from one of the most in demand producers going around in GXNXVS.

With GXNXVS‘s trademark crisp production setting the murky soundscape in tact with deepened beats and swooping pads, NYNE takes centre stage with her haunting melodies that float effortlessly above the mix. Both NYNE Bentley‘s vocals match the laid-back tempo created in GXNXVS‘ smooth production, intertwining with each rise and fall in momentum to ride the waves associated in the gripping narrative.

“GXNXVS is one of my favourite producers! I first heard his song “Caught Up” and instantly wanted to work with him. We have a few together now & this was the first one. His sounds paint a vivid picture so I’m excited too have him a part of this” – NYNE

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