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Chicago-born singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist NICOLOSI lives up to the hype and delivers on his highly-anticipated debut EP ‘Everywhere But Here’ – a nine-track, multi-faceted offering that acts as a showcase into the adaptability and confidence of this star on the rise.

NICOLOSI combines various differing genres within his track listing that bring forth a major amount of colour into the spectrum, such as the R&B-inspired grooves in the drums and uplifting pop melodies that are just so damn addictive. With a blend of organic and electronic influence on offer, we see the artistically-driven vision of NICOLOSI on offer that provides a vibrant visual landscape for us all to bathe in.

NICOLOSI delves further into his EP “is an exercise in escapism. These songs were written at a time when I was constantly trying to escape myself, using different things as crutches to get through my daily life. I couldn’t face the paradox of extreme joy and sadness that comes with waking up everyday, knowing that one day it will all end. One day I will watch the sunset for the very last time and my consciousness will abandon my body for the next chapter in the universal narrative.

Stream: Seeking Blue
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