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Buffalo-based singer, songwriter & producer HVNNIBVL draws inspiration from early 2010’s electronic music with his spirited new single ‘Who’s Gotcha’ – the latest glimpse from his forthcoming ‘Reasonably, Relative’ EP due later this year.

Produced, written, mixed, mastered and performed vocals by HVNNIBVL, ‘Who’s Gotcha’ splashes a ridiculous amount of colour across its duration through the highly-energised synths combining with striking drums and buzzing bass that tears through the mix with sheer ferocity. 

“I made the track cohesive to my current lyrical themes of real life struggles that I’ve been going through, and arranged it in a much more Pop format – but the sound is influenced by the early 2010’s Dance / Electronic scene, and it’ll be a real joy to have that sound be a part of my catalogue in this new decade.” – HVNNIBVL

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