German producer Roosevelt is coming back to us this week with a brand-new song called ‘Sign’ which is touching all of my sweet spots. 

I love the way Roosevelt infuses these retro dance beats and chillwave synths with these lush anthemic vocal melodies, which together seem to create this warm nostalgic glow that I just want to hang out in for hours.  

This one is made for listening with your headphones turned up real loud, and do not be afraid to break out into dance whether you are. 

“I wanted to make something intimate, so I started with these spherical Juno 60 chords. When I added rhythmical elements, I realised that the track could work in a dance music world – I normally record a lot of real drums but stripped this one back to just an 808 beat. A nice contrast between the intimate feeling of the synth and the dancefloor qualities of the vocal sample, bass line and 808 started to emerge. I found it really inspiring to make something that’s initially made for listening alone on your headphones, but that hopefully can come alive in the near future when played out at a dance club or festival and create a form of unity again.“ – Roosevelt 

Stream: Greco-Roman / City Slang
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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