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Coming into Ninajirachi’s sophomore EP ‘Blumiere’, I already knew she was a talented producer. The thing is, this EP truly shows just how much Ninajirachi has grown since she first crept onto the Australian dance scene and sees her fully flex her production muscles in the most exciting ways. This is an EP people will be listening to for years to come, I can feel it. 

‘Blumiere’, the EP’s title track captured me instantly. The song is like an anime dream that’s vibrant, fun, energetic and it’s computerised elements really make it feel extra fresh. Gritty drops give ‘Blumiere’ brilliant texture and the way every piece of the song has been put together really shines a light on why others artists are scrambling to have Ninajirachi remix their music and put her stamp on their creations. 

The second song on the EP, ‘Alight’ is a bit different from its predecessor. Being the most pop-influenced piece, you really get to hear the story behind the vocals, sharing the longing for that one person who you simply cannot stop thinking about, no matter how hard you try. ‘Alight’ feels magical, honestly, it’s the best word to describe it. At times, it’s a bit sensual with smooth synths gliding beneath the vocals like caramel, but it’s also soft and delicate with trickling samples that emphasise the sweetness behind the story Ninajirachi is telling. 

After a glimmer of pop, we dive right back into dance with ‘Rainbow Train’. This is a dance hit that needs to be played loud when you’re in the mood for a good groove, or simply just a game of Mario Kart (the digitised samples and the name of the track just take your mind to Rainbow Road!). Whether you’re like your club music more upbeat, or gritty and heavy, you’ll like ‘Rainbow Train’. The bass hits so unexpectedly and fully changes the atmosphere of the track, but it’s so intoxicating, you can’t help but enjoy it, no matter what kind of music you prefer to dance to. 

Most of ‘Blumiere’ so far has kept the pop-influenced tracks and intense club beats separate, but ‘Cut The Rope’ does exactly what it says and cuts the rope between these two genres and pushes them together to create something fantastic. You can dance, you can sing along – you can really just have a great time and enjoy the fact that this amazing piece of musical art is blaring through your speakers. 

Dance is really at the core of Ninajirachi’s sophomore EP, but ‘Tethered To The Body’, the final track in this delicious collection of songs, takes you somewhere completely different. A the beginning, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to something more alternative-rock influenced with an electric guitar melody sailing alongside some great vocals. The core of this song is unique and even when the vibrant synths and scattered samples do finally come into play, ‘Tethered To the Body’ still fills different, but in the best way. It a closer that looks to Ninajirachi’s fans and says “there’s so much more I have to show you and this is just a taste”. 

If there’s anything you can take away from ‘Blumiere’, it’s that Ninajirachi may be extremely talented when it comes to dance production, but there’s still a whole other side of her music we haven’t experienced yet. This girl is full of ideas and energy and that’s what this EP explains. She’s not done yet, this is just what she’s gifting us all for now. We just have to keep watching her bloom. 

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