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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything from Washed Out, but his latest track ‘Too Late’ has brought us all right back into his beautiful synth-pop world. 

This track is everything we’d expect from the Georgia-native. It’s breezy, atmospheric and soothing with light percussion dancing its way through the hazy synths and vocals. The crunchy samples that appear during the chorus of the song give ‘Too Late’ texture and helps to elevate it to another level. This track may feel extremely smooth, but those edgy elements give it an extra bit of flavour.

There was a music video planned to accompany the release of ‘Too Late’, but shooting plans were halted when the world was forced to stay home and stay safe. So, Washed Out instead gathered a series of picturesque videos from fans and created a video that still encompasses the unique melody of ‘Too Late’ and also adds a bit of humanity to it. 

It’s situations like this where Washed Out’s talent shines. He knows how to bring something extra to the table to really get his audience involved. Whether it’s a heavier sample to an otherwise vibrant track or a makeshift video that still is able to get a project’s message across. There’s no replacing a talent like this.

Stream: Sub Pop
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