You don’t hear techno house coming through the Australian music scene very often, but Skin On Skin is here to change that with his new EP ‘Get Some Understanding!’. Every track on the EP feels fresh, hard, edgy and new, with ‘I Understand BS Fluently But I Can’t Speak It’ really driving the ‘90s rave fantasy home with its vibrant samples… and then there’s ‘Be Calm’, a collaboration between Skin On Skin and Willaris. K that lives on its own mysterious electronic planet. 

The speckled samples dance atop a heavy beat that bounces over a melody you might initially think is quite sharp and harsh, but you soon warm to. It almost feels like your own heartbeat is lifting you up into a spacious techno wonderland full of strobe lights and fluro sticks. 

Despite its name, ‘Be Calm’ is fast-paced, energetic and infectious – but also revolutionary. You won’t hear a sound like this anywhere else in Australia and Skin On Skin has created a truly unique sound that’s addictive and makes him stand out amongst a sea of electronic artists who, whilst also extremely talented, seem to produce work we’ve become all too familiar with. Skin On Skin is a genius, just so you know and ‘Be Calm’ proves it. 

Stream: Stay On Sight
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