A few month’s ago NYC duo Holy Ghost! announced that they had a new album on the way and that news got me pretty damn excited to say the least. 

That album is being released today, it’s called ‘Work’ and it is a very generous 12-track collection of their smooth synth-driven, disco-inspired, groove-laden sounds, and to make this an extra special listening party we got to have a chat to one-half of Holy Ghost!, Nick Millhiser, about where his love for music all began… 

“In December of 1991 my best friend Lucas turned 10 and got a bunch of gift certificates to HMV. Whatever year that was – 3rd grade? 4th grade? – all of the sudden all anybody wanted for their birthday was music. Jordans, sure. Some Cross Colours jeans would be sweet, but that stuff was expensive. From that year through whatever age we stopped having “birthday parties”, HMV gift certificates was the official gift currency.
So in December of ’91 Lucas was rich in HMV cash and I went with him to their 72nd street store to observe and perhaps consult on purchases. To my surprise, my companionship was rewarded when Lucas broke off $20 from his roll for me to spend as I pleased. I knew exactly what I wanted – Pearl Jam’s “Ten” and Nirvana’s “Nevermind” – but upon finding both at the front of the store I was saddened to learn that $20 barely bought one CD.
Ultimately I decided to buy “Ten” because I had heard two songs on that I liked (“Evenflow” and “Jeremy”) and a cassingle of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” because that was the only Nirvana song I had heard and I had actually already asked for “Nevermind” for Christmas. I had also asked for a Discman and having already found a Panasonic “Portable Compact Disc Player” (read; not a cool yellow Sony) hidden in a coat closet I assumed all my Christmas wishes were destined to come true. So “Ten” seemed like the wise choice AND I could listen to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on my boombox while I waited for Christmas to bring me my own CD player.
When Christmas came I did indeed get the CD player, Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous,” and a cool aunt of mine bought me R.E.M.s “Eponymous.” No “Nevermind” though.” 
Let’s all take a trip down memory lane as we scream along to ‘Jeremy’ from Pearl Jam’s 1991 album “Ten”, and then indulge yourself with Holy Ghost!’s brand-new album “Work”. 
Thanks boys!

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