With news of an upcoming album this year, Brisbane producer Odd Mob gives us a glimpse of what’s to come with the uplifting release of ‘All Of Your Heart’ that glistens and shines as it progresses.

Featuring an airy vocal approach of Jordan Leser, driving percussion and upbeat synths, ‘All Of Your Heart’ is a heavenly electronic/pop track that showcases the production prowess of Odd Mob at the highest levels. If this is anything to go by, we are in store for one epic album later this year!

“‘All Of Your Heart’ started as quite a melancholic tune, but then I had the idea to simply pitch them up six semitones. What resulted was a burst of pop-euphoria. I instantly decided to change the chords and the basis of the tune was formed.” – Odd Mob

Stream / Buy: Tinted Records / Central Station Records
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