RÜFÜS DU SOL share lots of good news this week, including a music video for their recently released track ‘No Place’, a huge tour and a forthcoming LP ‘Solace’.

The ‘No Place’ music video portrays themes of transporting somewhere through the imaginative portals of one’s own mind and sets an exciting tone for their upcoming LP.

In the words of the No Place video director Alex George, “In the video, the robes are a way of travel… through time and dimensions. We don’t know. It’s that feeling of when you’re at the beach and you’re rugged up in a towel with just the sun peeking through. There is something about that feeling. About being in yourself and being somewhere very specific. I think I’m only recently starting to understand real gratitude. It always felt like this feeling you had to feel when someone gives you something. But it snuck up on me. What that feeling actually is. That’s what the song is about to me. Realizing out of all the infinite possibilities and places you could be, you are here. And it’s great.” 

‘Solace’ is due out later this year. Check out the tour dates below.

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