Well if this isn’t a dream collab then I don’t know what is!

LA-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Daktyl has teamed up with English duo Aquilo for his latest release ‘6 Letters’, and it sure is an impressive blend of their individual sounds & styles. The song was actually written in the UKL back in 2016, before being finished off in California almost 1.5 years later, and we can all thank the music gods it saw the light of day!

“This song began in the rain in Worcestershire, England in early 2016. Then I got in the studio with Aquilo in London about half a year later and we laid down the vocals. I put the finishing touches on it a year later in a cabin in Yosemite Forest, California. At all three times and places I was very deeply in love with a person, and this song is a snapshot of that emotion and all the pitfalls it entails.” – Daktyl

“A few years ago Daktyl remixed a song of ours that we were really into. Eventually we found ourselves in the studio together for an afternoon and this is what came of it.” – Aquilo

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