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I have been a massive fan of Berlin producer Tensnake for such a long time now. He has so much class, style and all of the best grooves.

He’s releasing a new single this week via Sweat It Out, and I jumped at the chance to ask the man what type of music he began listening to….

“I grew up in a very rural area in Germany, 30 minutes by car from Hamburg. There was a store called Marquard Hifi Music Store, a small family-run business which sold those stereo compact systems (record player, cassette player, FM radio and speakers all combined in one system), mostly vinyl, and then in the late 80s also CDs. I still remember the smell – a mix of old carpet and new stereo systems.

Anyway, back then we were listening to a lot of goth music and the first CD I ever bought was Alien Sex Fiend’s Another Planet. I think it must have been in 1990. I had just got my first CD player for Christmas, but had no CD’s to play in it. So I had to order the CD (I already had Another Planet on vinyl) and it took a few weeks to arrive. I remember I was really excited to listen to it for the first time. I put it in the player, pressed play and…. nothing happened…the display said disc error or something like that. Later I figured out that when you rubbed the CD on your jeans it would help for some reason and the player was happy to read the disc.

Music-wise Alien Sex Fiend was a wild mix of EBM, Goth and Rock, and also used a lot of samples. Two of my favorite songs from that album were “Sample My Sausage,” and “Nightmare Zone.” I have not listened to that album in years, but I just went to Spotify and surprisingly it is on there. Haha memories are coming back. Sorry neighbours, but this is going to be my soundtrack for today” 

If you’re game to give Alien Sex Fiend a whirl, feel free to do so right now…

Otherwise (or afterwards), let’s jump right into Tensnake’s brand new disco-fuelled, funked-up, bass-driven groove, ‘HELLO?’.

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