The fifth studio album from Sinkane, ‘Life & Livin It’ is diverse and electrifying. The sound doesn’t conform to any single tradition, experience or genre. Instead, it is meant to be a celebration of life in all of its permutations. This mix of sounds and emotions perfectly does just that.

In every track the voice of Ahmed Gallab is gentle and leading. It doesn’t dominate, but blends with the multifaceted chorus of instruments that are used. He’s toured with Caribou and Yeasayer and so has a sound that nods to his compadres without being a carbon copy as with Jamie XX and the XX.

Born in London, raised in Sudan and then having lived in the United States, Ahmed Gallab’s experiences reflect in his music. He uses words and phrases from Arabic, his mother tongue, giving the album a depth of diversity that is often missed in mainstream music.

‘Deadweight’ is the opening track and reels listeners in with its charging rock n roll beats. I absolutely adored ‘Favourite Song’. It felt like it was about how you relate to someone you love. For me it rang true about relationships.

Just when you think Sinkane can’t diversify anymore, ‘Telephone’ comes along with it’s dancy, electronic beats.

‘The Way’ was one of my favourites. The sound is hard to pin-point. Rhythmns and brass of reggae (in the same tone as ‘Won’t Follow’) but with a rock ‘ n ‘ roll, musical theatre twist and jazz solos.

You can’t define Sinkane in any one, single sound, genre or influence. He has a confluence of style that is incredibly unique. The songs are ones that you live by, one for every mood and story that you have to tell.

Rating: ★★★★

‘Life & Livin’ is available everywhere now through City Slang Record, and if you live in or around North America, South Australia, New Zealand & Europe, you will get the chance to catch the man doing his thing throughout February/April – more details on that here

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author: Alexandra Milne