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BRÅVES – Big Fish [Premiere]

Today we are excited to premiere a great new track from a trio out of LA who go by the name BRÅVES, it’s called ‘Big Fish’ and it is another fine example of their feverish, indie/electro-pop sound, thanks to the slick production of Johnny What and the dueling vocal work of twins, Jericho and Thorald of The Wood.

Back in February BRÅVES shared this NSFW for their previous single ‘Dust’, which starred a very well endowed Albino model called Shaun Ross, and clocked over 2 million plays in the first week…

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  1. Pancakes says:


    You guys are onto a winner here. This is the way electronic music needs to go. I love it.

    Great voices and solid production, you guys are doing legend Perth boy Luke Steel proud building on the sound he was so good at and taking it to the next level. God bless him. Where the hell is he anyway?

    Back to Big Fish. Whatever you guys are doing technically to producing your music, you are onto a winner. It sounds ace. lots of texture, I love it.

    You guys are true talents.

    Congrats on the flying video too, that is properly epic.

    All the best,


    P.S. Where can I get this in a better format?

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