words by Michael Hutchinson

American trio LANY (Les Priest, Jake Goss, and Paul Klein), who self-describe their sound as “dream pop meets R&B” are back with a new EP called, I Loved You.

Opening track ‘4EVER!’ packs a Michael Jackson ‘Black Or White’ 80’s punch, and bears no resemblance to The Veronicas track of the same name. Klein’s delicate voice has just the right amount of huskiness.

The chords in ‘youarefire’ versus aren’t too dissimilar to ‘ILYSB’ from last year’s Acronyms EP. So whilst familiar, it doesn’t quite stretch to a new level. ‘Someone Else’ is a heart wrenching slow burn and is probably the standout here.

Matt DiMona breaths a bit more life into ‘Bad, Bad Bad’ by adding a couple extra Café del Mar layers in his remix. The original was released towards the end of January.

Earlier this year Klein hinted at a plan to release a full length record soonish and I for one cannot wait.

Rating: ★★★☆

Pick up a copy of LANY‘s I Loved You EP now from iTunes.


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