words by Emma Rose

In 2013 six-piece Norwegian band Kid Astray made a ripple in the music world with the release of their single ‘Mess’. They’ve since released singles such as ‘No Easy Way Out’ and ‘Back to the Ordinary’ and are now releasing their debut album Home Before the Dark.

Kid Astray is made up of lead vocalists Elizabeth Wu and Benjamin Giørtz, who also provide the synths and keys, along with guitarists Even Steine and Alexander Meek, bassist Håkon Carlin and Drummer Jakob Bechmann, who also provides vocals. They are the epitome of indie-pop and Home Before the Dark definitely doesn’t disappoint on that front. The album is a fun listen filled with dance-pop synths, bright vocals and bouncing beats.

The album overall is pretty stock standard electro indie-pop and the texture doesn’t vary greatly between songs, however the order of the album has been chosen with care and flows smoothly between tracks. ‘Diver’ and ‘Can’t Survive On Melodies’, which leads smoothly into ‘Not a Kid Anymore’, are particular standouts on the album and offer a variation of harmonic and rhythmic interest. With a few listens this album could either develop into a fun, interesting dance groove or become a little stale in its sameness.

Rating: ★★☆

Grab yourself a copy of Home Before the Dark now form iTunes.