words by Corey Brown

One of tropical house’s favourite tastemakers is back with another tightly wrapped package of organic and pleasantly accessible tunes. The tracklist on It’s Like You Never Went Away is studded with an impressive roster of vocalists lending their own ingredients to the trademark Goldroom (aka Josh Legg) flavour.

Opening the record is the title track from Legg’s 2013 Embrace EP, revisited with Australian Future Classic vocalist George Maple. ‘Embrace’ was an Australian favourite back in 2013, and makes a welcome return in 2015.

Satisfying Goldroom’s penchant for songs about his home, ‘California Rain’ was made for lazy beachside west coast afternoons. The track features vocals from Legg himself, accompanying Nikki Segal, who herself is a fixture in the Goldroom live show. If ‘California Rain’ is the soundtrack to a summer’s day, ‘Tradewinds’ is the anthem of the night. It is a straight-up ripper of a track, cranking the BPM up several notches and taking the record into true dancefloor territory. Goldroom’s breakthrough track ‘Fifteen’ also makes an appearance, rounding out the EP with its downtempo hooks.

It’s Like You Never Went Away is an expertly assembled collection of songs that flows impeccably. It would be even more satisfying if half of the record wasn’t comprised of recycled songs, but to the uninitiated, it serves as the ideal introduction to the lush palette that defines Goldroom.

Rating: ★★★★

Goldroom‘s new EP, It’s Like You Never Went Away, is available now from iTunes.

Some of you can catch Goldroom across USA and Canada throughout June to August – you can find all of those details on his tour page