Sydney songstress/producer Elizabeth Rose voices her opinion on marriage equality today with new single ‘Division’ (co-produced with Dennis Dowlut), and we here at acid stag are standing right there with her.

Australia is one of the last developed nations to vote on marriage equality, and considering 72% of the population do support it, our Government is so unbelievably against it, and we all must patiently wait to learn the outcome of the current political debates surrounding the issue.

Over the next 14 days ‘Division’ will be available via Elizabeth Rose’s website on a ‘pay what you choose’ basis, and all proceeds will go to Australian Marriage Equality (AME) to fight for the rights of those currently discriminated against:

Every human-being deserves to be treated equally, so please do your fellow Australians a favour and stand with Elizabeth Rose, acid stag and the other 72% of this incredible country.