Over the last few days, SBTRKT has uploaded a few new tracks to his Soundcloud page which I’m sure a lot of you will be very keen to check out.

First up is a track called ‘FLAREtWO,’ a jagged high-energy production that I think some will absolutely love, and others will not.

If ‘FLAREtWO’ isn’t really your thing, then try this one that went up on SBTRKT‘s Soundcloud a few hours ago. It’s called ‘nO less’ and it is much smoother and user-friendly.

There’s also ‘Roulette’ which went up yesterday, another jagged and erratic recording which is actually quite hypnotic, so try not to stare into those eyes for too long.

These tunes come not too long after the release of his new album Wonder Where We Land, which can be picked up from iTunes.