words by Stefan Petrovic

ISA is the debut LP record from electronic musician Michael Maleki, aka Kodak to Graph.

I was first introduced to Kodak to Graph in late-2013 where he featured on ODESZA‘s ‘My Friends Never Die’ remix EP. It was through this remix that I became aware of the superb talent that the Florida native (now LA based) possessed.

At just 23, Maleki is a relatively young producer although you wouldn’t know it with his extensive discography having already produced three EP’s.

Spanning 10 tracks, ISA kicks off with the trumpet-centric ‘Belong’ which after over two minutes of build up, drops like something which is reminiscent of LA beat maker Shlohmo. Fourth track ‘Los Angeles’ is an ode to Maleki’s new home, having moved to LA about halfway through writing ISA.

Kodak to Graph‘s ability to blend hip-hop like beats with chopped up vocals and deep bass is never more obvious than on album highlights ‘Fake Murblock’ and ‘IAMANTHEM’. Both exude an energy that would get any crowd revved up.

After all the head-banging and commotion of the previous three tracks, ISA ends with three mellow tracks, bringing the album to a softer close.

On ISA, Kodak to Graph demonstrates that it is most definitely an album that is best served listening to in one full piece. The quality of the production is extremely high, such is the talent of Maleki and the structuring of the album is done ever so well. I certainly cannot wait to see what’s next from Kodak to Graph, this is one producer whose star is shining and will continue to glow with further releases.

The best part about ISA? You can download it for free from the Kodak to Graph website.

“It really doesn’t matter if people like it or not. It’s something that’s an extension of me and I’m just happy to share it. It feels like a sense of closure to the past few years.” – Michael Maleki

Well, I like it, a lot. This is a highly recommended piece of work from a producer whose name you’ll be hearing plenty more of in the near future.

Rating: ★★★★