words by Jacqui Wonder

Oh the irony. Summer is over and my idea of a perfect summer soundtrack arrives on our doorstep. Slow-funk, eighties guitar, falsetto vocals, chill-house beats. The only thing missing is the eighties convertible to play argonaut&wasp‘s debut EP Future Protocol in, driving down a coastal highway.

We’re already big fans of argonaut&wasp‘s two lead singles off this bad boy, ‘Stranger Lover (When You Came into My Life)’ and ‘Higher Ground’, both sexy and confident tracks. When you listen to them in the context of this EP however, they make more sense somehow.

Funk-inspired guitar solo’s, stretched falsetto’s and laidback beats bring the four track EP together, but not with any sense of the tracks being too same-same. There is a distinction to each track, a melancholy to ‘Crystal Stills’ brought by flat vocals, a tension to ‘Pistol Pump Funk’ driven by the torque of the electric guitar and rushed beat, and a sensuality to ‘Stranger Lover (When You Came into my Life)’.

If you’re a funk or disco lover, keep summer going and give this one a few spins.

Rating: ★★★

Grab a download of Future Protocol EP via iTunes.

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