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Remix This, Kygo, Bit Funk, Porsches, Lane 8, Kiiara, Jenaux, Rainer + Grimm, POOLCLVB, Wankelmut, Hotel Garuda, Will Heard, Matthew Dear - acid stag

featuring: Kygo, Bit Funk, Porsches, Lane 8 and Kiiara

remixed by: Jenaux, Rainer + Grimm, POOLCLVB, Wankelmut and Hotel Garuda

Friday MixTape 261 - acid stag

Music of the Living Dead!

Friday MixTape 222 - acid stag

Put this in your mouth and suck it

Friday MixTape 186

Here’s your weekend aphrodisiac. You’re welcome!

Friday MixTape 182

Happy Mardi Gras weekend Sydney!

Friday MixTape #123

If the world is going to end today, let’s go out dancin’.


We present to you, FRIDAY MIXTAPE ONE HUNDRED. Thank you for your support. Without which, we wouldn’t be celebrating this momentous day. Now, in true acid stag style, let’s get fucked up.