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New Single by Selfie Boy (Raf Rundell of The 2 Bears) - 'Right Time' - acid stag

Smiles all round with this new track from Selfie Boy aka Raf Rundell of The 2 Bears

The 2 Bears - The Night Is Slow - acid stag

This new track from The 2 Bears requires headphones, volume and your undivided attention

The 2 Bears - Australia 2015  [Tour News] - acid stag

The 2 Bears are set to play 4 cities over the Australia Day long weekend

The 2 Bears - The Night Is Young  [Stream] - acid stag

The 2 Bears preview their latest offering The Night Is Young on the day of its release

The 2 Bears - Lamb's Bread and Weepers EP - acid stag

Just ahead of their next album release, The 2 Bears share a 3-track EP called, Lamb’s Bread and Weepers

Joe Goddard - Endless Love EP - acid stag

Stream Joe Goddard’s Endless Love EP now – such a great start to your Friday

Joe Goddard - Endless Love (ft. Betsy)  [New Single] - acid stag

Every time you see the words ‘Joe Goddard’ you just know it’s going to be good. Here is his latest single, Endless Love

The 2 Bears - Angel (Touch Me) - acid stag

The 2 Bears get boozed up, go for a cruise and get beat up

The 2 Bears - Angel (Touch Me) - acid stag

What would you say if 2 Bears asked you to touch them?

The 2 Bears: Be Strong

Next week will see the release of full-length LP Be Strong. If you’re super impatient and can’t wait until then, cop a full free stream over at The 2 Bears’ website.