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featuring: MONTANA B, ayelle, Julietta and Emma Jensen

featuring: Oscar Key Sung, Will Heard, William Bolton and FYFE

featuring: Ninajirachi, alxxa, Marnie and RYDER

featuring: toby, Reigen, Aaron Taos and Brandyn Burnette

featuring: TĀLĀ, Foster James, Tsörf and Slow Shudder

featuring: RXC, Fiora, Isabel and Caitlyn Scarlett

featuring: SUMif, Carmody, Freda James and ELKKA

featuring: Jesper Jenset, Crywolf, YATES, SAM SETTON and William Bolton

featuring: Aces, Bel, Ayelle, Monogem and Anna Straker

featuring: Owen Rabbit, Steffan, Mickey Blue, Mark Elliott and Bruno Major

featuring: Tkay Maidza, Francesca Gonzales, Anna Straker, KOLAJ and Frida Sundemo

featuring: Leo Kalyan, Xander Ghost, Shylde, Ben Hobbs and Otis English

featuring: Sofi de la Torre, Mr Little Jeans, Christa Vi and Sevdaliza

featuring: Bruno Major, SAÍGO, Leon Power, Turan and Aaron Krause

featuring: Janelle Kroll, EXES, BATTS, Liyv and Sorcha Richardson