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CAPYAC - Never Let Go (ft. Mary Bryce) [New Single] - acid stag

CAPYAC are back this week with an incredibly smooth, chilled-electro tune

Friday MixTape 266

The best thing since sliced bread

CAPYAC - Movement Swallows Us EP [Stream] - acid stag

CAPYAC’s new EP touches us in all the right places

Friday MixTape 218

The picture says it all really

Friday MixTape 169 _ Jeff McCann

FACT: by the time this MixTape has ended, you will have thought about sex 626 times.

Friday MixTape 158

Let today’s MixTape go in and around your ears.

Friday MixTape 157

Friday afternoon ✔
Friday MixTape on play ✔
Volume up ✔
Beer in hand ✔
Clothes off ✔

Friday MixTape #150

Friday MixTapes are a gateway drug.

Friday MixTape #139

What gets you excited?

Friday MixTape #138

Dance like you need the money.

Friday MixTape #136

Friday has its baps out for the boys.


Back Back Forward Punch’s new single ‘Zero to Disco’ will be released later this month! In the meantime, listen to their latest mixtape featuring indulgent disco beats.

Friday MixTape #125

Let’s ease ourselves into another year of delicious disco.

Friday MixTape #120

Disco is so deep in my daydreams.

Friday MixTape #119

Dine on the synth. Grind to the beat.