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Here’s a small collection of great new talent from around the globe for us to keep our eyes on

New Single by Hobart Curtis - 'Am I Crazy' - acid stag

This new Hobart Curtis tracks makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years

Serious Covers - Bleachers, POP ETC, POOLCLVB, Goldroom, Hobart Curtis, The Beatles, Tom Petty, Bag Raiders, Fleet Foxes, Courtney Barnett - acid stag

featuring: Bleachers, POP ETC, POOLCLVB, Goldroom and Hobart Curtis

covering: The Beatles, Tom Petty, Bag Raiders, Fleet Foxes and Courtney Barnett

Hobart Curtis - Jackpot - acid stag

Turns out Brisbane isn’t just good for electronic artists after all – say hello to Hobart Curtis