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featuring: Secret Spade, KASPERG, Ferdinand Weber & Tom Budin

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Let’s party like it’s the year 3000!

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featuring: KASPERG, Hoodlem, Beshken & Courtship

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Here’s some hot music for all of you hot people.

KASPERG teams up with Mio, Biniyam & Black EL for a very infectious hip-hop/house treat

Bounce along to the infectious electro-pop sounds of Swedish duo, I Am Karate

Here’s another great new track from one of my favourite discoveries of 2016 – Blondage

Set yourself free to the warm summery feels of Christofi and AYER

Let your body move to the sounds of Finland’s CASTLETICS

Dutch producer Malvae shares a brand new tune that was inspired by sounds he recorded in Brazil

100% sold on the sounds of Danish duo Blondage

Get those arms up and let your body move with Christofi & Malia

Kasper Bjørke gives us a little taste of what he’s been working with Urdur from GusGus

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Kevin Bacon knows music

The Magician still manages to help us through our mid-week blues while on the road across the USA & CAN