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Let’s groove!

Raise those arms and dance around the room to the soul-funk sounds of Aeroplane, Purple Disco Machine & Aloe Blacc.

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It’s always a win with Joaquin.

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featuring: Aeroplane, LEFTI, Tuxedo & Oscar Bandersen

Welcome to the first HUMP DAY MIX of 2017 featuring German funk-lord Purple Disco Machine!

Aeroplane, Purple Disco Machine & Aloe Blacc certainly have not let us down with this infectious disco-house collab-treat

The Magician always has our back with his big back of musical tricks

Let’s jump straight into dance-mode today with this great new track from Mickey & Malika

Even though this new Lane 8 track is six-minutes long I still find myself still wanting more every time it ends

Lane 8 drops two new eight-minute tunes plus announces North American tour

The Magician reveals his ‘Summer Edition Magic Tape’ plus announces US tour

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featuring: Kings, Midoca, DEAMN, Aeroplane x Purple Disco Machine and Tanzlife

A sweet modern-day, coming-of-age love story where gender issues are non-existent

The Magician still manages to help us through our mid-week blues while on the road across the USA & CAN

Danger Mouse shares a demo he recorded back in 2006 for The Rapture, during their Pieces Of The People We Love studio sessions